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Published on 15 June 2022 by Juliette

Scar and his hyenas join the Disney Villains Assemble set

This is one of the most promising Disney Assemble of the moment: a set where we find 7 of the greatest Disney "villains" together! Funko had revealed the first POP during the Funkoween 2022 event by presenting the POP of Hades and here is already the second villain who points the end of his nose... or rather of his snout!

Indeed, the POP that joins this "Disney Villains Assemble" is the one of Scar, Mufasa's brother and terrible pretender to the jungle throne. For this POP, he is not alone since he is surrounded by three terrifying hyenas as ugly as mean...

For this new Scar POP (there are no less than 7 Scar POPs in total), the cunning and evil lion is presented enthroned on the Lion's Rock, surrounded by his loyal lieutenants. Scar took power after killing his brother and rules the jungle with an iron fist.

This Deluxe POP is very rich in details: the scar on Scar's eye, the hair on the animals, the sharp teeth of the hyenas and even the gradient on the stones. Everything is there and this POP lives up to the promise of this exceptional set.

According to the visual provided by Funko, the Deluxe POP of Scar on the rock is placed at the right end of the set, right next to the one of Hades. Although the shadows leave little doubt about the next "Villains" to join the set, we can't wait to discover them because so far this set is becoming one of the most successful for Funko POP Disney fans!

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