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Published on 03 August 2021 by Juliette

Gringotts Bank: the first Harry Potter POP for the set dedicated to Diagon Alley

It's THE good surprise of the day as Funko announces 5 new Harry Potter POPs on the theme of the Crossroads. They will be POPs paying tribute to one of the places of Diagon Alley, the shopping street known by all wizards.

Harry Potter fans can look forward to seeing the iconic stores of the Diagon Alley "popified" and reminding them of Harry's adventures from the time he entered Hogwarts where he had to get a wand, to the time he left Gringotts Bank on the back of a dragon!

We don't know yet which stores and places will be chosen by Funko for these Diagon Alley POPs but the possibilities are numerous: Slug and Jiggers Apothecary, The Leaky Cauldron pub or Flourish & Blotts bookshop...

For the moment, we only know the first POP of this wave: Gringotts wizard bank, considered as the safest place (except Hogwarts, as Hagrid would say of course!).

We find the entrance of the bank marked "Gringotts Bank" above the white stone columns, the imposing bronze door from which we can guess the sparkling light of the bank's interior, and on the stoop of the building Griphook, one of the goblins employed at the bank, and in charge of leading Harry and Hagrid to the safe left by Harry's parents.

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