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Published on 06 November 2022 by William

Funko unveils the very first POPs of the movie Avatar

It's one of the most awaited movies of this end of the year, if not THE most awaited: the second part of James Cameron's masterpiece Avatar. For the occasion, and to make the most impatient people wait, Funko has unveiled the very first POPs featuring the characters. Note however: these are figurines from the very first opus, since there was no POP of the movie Avatar until now. The sequel promises to be a very nice wave of figures to complete the set of Avatar 1 and Avatar 2!

Released 13 years ago (and yes it was in 2009), Avatar was a huge success, so much so that it is surprising that Funko has never looked at the movie until now... Cameron's film plunged us into a stunningly beautiful universe on the planet Pandora. The humans decide to exploit the unobtanium of Pandora, a precious mineral present in abundance on the planet. They then enter into conflict with the Na'vi who are hostile to this invasion. To get in touch with the Na'vi, the military uses Avatars from which the name of the film is taken.

It is Jack Sully, a former marine, who is at the center of the plot when he is assigned to Pandora to replace his killed twin brother. Sully will then meet the young Na'vi Neytiri with whom he will fall in love. Understanding that men are going to destroy a people and a planet, he allies himself with the Na'vi to help them repel the invasion.

13 years later, and on the eve of the release of the second part of Avatar: The Way of the Water, that we discover the first POPs of the Avatar characters. In total, Funko has unveiled 5 POP figures from the movie, including a superb POP Rides :

  • POP #1321 of Jake Sully in his Avatar body;
  • The POP #1322 of Neytiri, the Na'vi that Sully will fall in love with;
  • A new POP of Neytiri, the Funko POP #1323 where she is represented in full jump and shooting an arrow from her bow;
  • The POP #1324 of Miles Quaritch, the "bad guy" who simply wants to destroy the Na'vi ;
  • Finally, the POP Rides #117 of Jake Sully riding the Great Leonopteryx (the most dangerous predator of Pandora) and becoming a very respected Toruk Makto.

It is therefore a magnificent first wave of POP Avatar, and which promises great announcements for the sequel as the film is full of possibilities. We can easily imagine that Funko will be able to propose a POP of Sully as a human, figurines of other characters and why not even Movie Moment or Deluxe representing the magnificent landscapes of Pandora!

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