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Published on 04 November 2021 by Juliette

Funko unveils the last 2 POPs of the Harry Potter Diagon Alley

Funko ends the Harry Potter set with the iconic Diagon Alley featuring JK Rowling's characters in front of the most famous stores of this magical shopping street.

The first three POPs of the set featured Gringotts Head Goblin in front of Gringotts Bank (Funko POP #138), Ginny in front of Flourish & Blotts Bookstore (Funko POP #139) and Hagrid in front of The Leaky Cauldron (Funko POP #141). Only two were missing and here is the one of Harry Potter and the one of Ron Weasley!

The Harry Potter Deluxe POP shows the young wizard posing in front of the Eeylops Owl Emporium store, the pet shop specialized in owls where Harry will meet Hedwig, a gift from Hagrid for his young friend.

On Ron's side, he is introduced in front of Quality Quidditch Supplies, the national sport of wizards. The young wizards drool over the latest broom in the store: the Nimbus 2000!

The set of Diagon Alley is complete and it's beautiful. The lucky ones who manage to collect all 5 POPs will be able to put them side by side to recreate the shopping street. Funko has of course left no stone unturned: not only in the buildings, but also in the posture and dress of the characters. For the Harry Potter one, we discover for example Harry with his disheveled shirt, his pants torn on the knees and his broken glasses. A true madeleine of Proust which makes us immediately plunge in the first volume of JK Rowling...

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