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Published on 31 January 2024 by William

Funko unveils Freak Show DC set

To have great superheroes, you need great supervillains, and sometimes we love the bad guys just as much as the good guys, especially when their characters have equally incredible universes.

Funko understands this, and while we're used to seeing POPs of villains, it's always nice to see even more. That's why the figurine brand is inaugurating a set featuring DC super-villains dubbed "Freak Show".

Batman and Joker inaugurate the Freak Show set

To inaugurate this new DC set, Funko has unveiled two first POPs. Naturally, these are figures of central characters from the DC Universe!

The first POP to be unveiled is Funko POP #491 of Batman, perhaps the only POP of a superhero facing off against villains, but the mystery still hangs in the air... This POP features a very "animated" version of the vigilante, with a costume in tones ranging from gray to sky blue. On the POP, Batman is still depicted with a determined look, rushing at his enemies.

The second POP is probably one of DC's most iconic supervillains: the Joker. What better antagonist to face Gotham's Dark Knight? Here again, Funko offers us a character taken from the animated series with a very faithful and inimitable look: purple costume, green hair, bloody smile and crazy eyes! The Joker holds a green mace in his hand, a reminder that he can wreak havoc with not-so-lethal weapons...

What are the next POPs in the set?

Nothing official has filtered out yet (and especially not the backs of the boxes, which would give us precious clues). However, a few clues suggest that the set will focus solely on the Batman universe (with, for example, the bat logo in place of the "O" in "Freakshow").

We can therefore expect to see super-villains such as Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Ra's al Ghul, Le Pinguoin and Riddler. Whatever the case, the potential is great, and we're particularly pleased that the POPs seem to be taken from the animated versions. This promises some very fine figures for collectors of Batman and DC Funko POPs.

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