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Published on 12 February 2024 by William

Funko unveils a superb POP of one of Harry Potter's favorite characters

Plunge into the world of Harry Potter with a brand-new POP for this underside character from Funko. The figurine brand has made up for lost time with a superb POP that's instantly recognizable as the scene from which it's taken!

Want to know who it is? His initials are "SB", he's very close to Harry and belongs to the Marauders... Still haven't got it? New clue: he's one of the few people to have escaped from Azkaban...

A POP from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

As you may have guessed, this POP features Sirius Black "the prisoner of Azkaban", the first known wizard to escape and Harry's loving godfather.

For this new POP of the character, Funko has immortalized one of the most important moments in the film: when Sirius grabs hold of Scabbers and turns him back into a human. Ron is probably still in shock!

Although it's not a POP Moment, Funko has immortalized the scene perfectly. The figure shows Sirius dressed in his prison garb (slightly concealed under a cloak), holding his wand in one hand and the rat he's about to cast a spell on in the other.

All the details are there: the beard, the body thinned by years in Azkaban, the reddened eyes that testify to the fatigue and hardness of brooding over his revenge towards Peter Pettigrew , but also the tattoos on the character's pink. The figurine is just sublime!

Sirius Black: an underrated character by Funko

In our opinion, he deserves even more POPs in his effigy! But Funk "gets the job done" by now offering 6 figurines of the character (only 4 different + 2 variants).

Indeed, the very first Sirius POP dated back to 2016, and we discovered the wizard rather simply presented with his magic wand in his hands.

In 2018, Funko paid a fine tribute to the character with probably one of the figurines that could best represent him: Sirius dressed as a prisoner of Azkaban with his sign in his hands. Funko also offered a "Chase" version of this POP, grayed out like the posters when he escaped from Azkaban.

In 2021, Funko once again turned its attention to Sirius, this time offering a POP of him transformed into a black dog. The figurine, although available in a flocked version, didn't necessarily have exceptional detail...

This new POP version 2024 is probably the best (along with the photo taken in Azkaban) to pay tribute to this key character in the saga, and fans won't be mistaken. The figurine is destined for great success, so don't wait too long...

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