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Published on 08 February 2024 by William

Funko turns Barça players into figurines

Funko delights sports fans by (usually) focusing on sports that are particularly popular in the USA. Basketball, American soccer, baseball, field hockey, etc. are all classics... But did you know that the stars of the game also have their own Funko POP collections?

It's the announcement of the day: one of Europe's biggest soccer clubs is being "popified", with some of the game's finest stars available for fans to collect.

FC Barcelona players in Funko POP

After exploring the English league teams (Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal,...) and then the emblematic PSG team with POPs featuring its stars (Mbappé, Messi, Neymar, Marquinhos, Cavani,...), Funko is now tackling the Spanish league by focusing on the Barça team!

For this new wave of Football POPs featuring FC Barcelona players, Funko has selected 5 players and the coach for casting.

Let's start with the announcement of the goalkeeper, with a POP figurine of Ter Stegen (#67) in his green outfit, shown making a save with his steady right hand.

As for the midfielders, only one man has been selected, and that is of course Gavi (POP #63). The 19-year-old is pictured dribbling, a quality that is not at all foreign to him...

We're now back on the attack with a trio of forwards, probably one of the most offensive trios Funko could present: Pedri (#65), Lewandowski (#64) and Raphinha (#62). For each, Funko has opted for different postures to make nice winks at players and fans alike. Raphinha, for example, is shown celebrating by making a heart with his hands!

Last but not least, Funko ends with a nice surprise for one of Barça's stars, who has replaced his cleats with a suit: coach Xavi with his Funko POP #66. Xavi is shown with his hands in his pockets, in a rather relaxed attitude with the official FC Barcelona suit.

Note: Funko seems to have decided to offer POPs of the players in different attitudes. Indeed, previous versions almost always featured the player with one foot on the ball (except for goalkeepers) in a basic posture... In this new set, attitudes are much more dynamic and varied, with players shown in action: dribbling, celebrating, shooting, etc.

Barça, a team with millions of fans

Barça is one of the world's most emblematic and successful soccer teams. The team is renowned not only for its achievements on the pitch, but also for its distinct identity, its philosophy of play and its commitment to the community!

What really sets FC Barcelona apart is their distinctive playing philosophy, known as "tiki-taka". Based on a fluid, fast-paced, possession-oriented style of play, this approach emphasizes creativity, precise passing and the constant movement of players on the pitch!

While this style of play has earned Barça numerous national and international successes, as well as a worldwide reputation for footballing excellence, the club also owes its renown to the prodigies who have worn its jersey.

The history of FC Barcelona includes a number of "legends" of all generations. Lionel Messi, for example, has had a long career with the club, as have other great names such as Iniesta, Ronaldinho, Puyol and Xavi, before he took up the mantle of "coach".

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