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Published on 28 January 2021 by Juliette

Funko celebrates Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 70th anniversary

Did you know that the Disney Alice in Wonderland celebrates its 70th anniversary? Released in 1951, this film based on the novel by Lewis Carroll is now world famous and the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland has lulled the tales of millions of children...

To celebrate this anniversary, Funko has made a big splash with the announcement of no less than 11 new figurines featuring the characters of Alice in Wonderland! Of course, we can find Alice's POPs, but also many figurines for other characters, the perfect occasion to recreate this so offbeat universe!

On the side of Alice's POPs, Funko announced: a figurine where Alice falls, a POP where she holds the bottle, and a figurine where she makes a curtsy while holding her dress. Finally, Funko also unveiled a POP Deluxe of Alice where we discover the young woman standing in the flowers garden.

As for the other characters, the POPs announced are: the Mad Hatter, a duo-pack of the twins Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the rabbit with his watch, the Queen of Hearts, the March Hare and of course the Cheshire Cat. Concerning the Cheshire cat, Funko also offers a 15'' Supersized POP version exclusively from Walmart.

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