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Published on 03 December 2023 by Juliette

First Yellowjackets series Funko POP

While fans eagerly await the release of the third season, scheduled for 2024, Funko has just unveiled a nice surprise to all those who follow the adventures of Yellowjackets with a large set of figurines featuring the characters.

It's a first wave (and we can certainly expect more, given the success of the series) with no fewer than 8 figures featuring the young footballers as they try to survive after their plane crashes.

Funko has thus chosen to immortalize the teenage characters in 1996 (which suggests that we may also see them as adults later on...).

For this announcement, Funko has retained the 8 main characters from the first season:

  • Shauna with her keen gaze as she holds a knife in her hand, ready to face threats
  • Jackie, the team's natural leader, whose POP faithfully represents confidence
  • Misty with her imposing glasses and flowery headband, reminiscent of the young woman's quirky nature
  • Taissa with her eye patch, tight blue dress and jar in hand
  • Natalie in her leopard-print dress, teasing tights and crown on her head
  • Lottie, crowned with deer antlers, alludes to her enigmatic link with the dark mysteries of the forest...
  • Van with an eye patch over her face, immortalized by Funko in a posed pose with one hand in her pocket.
  • And let's not forget Coach Ben, holding on as best he can on his makeshift crutches.

Fans of the series will be able to start a magnificent collection and defend their teams. Will you be Team Mitsy? Or Team Nat and Shauna?

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