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Published on 23 July 2022 by William

Black Panther Legacy : the new Funko POP of Black Panther

Black Panther Legacy : the new Funko POP of Black Panther

The Marvel Studios film Black Panther was an incredible success when it was released in 2018. Whether it was for the plot, the actors (with the breathtaking talent of Chadwick Boseman...) or simply to celebrate the first black superhero, all the ingredients were there!

Of course, Funko already offered a well-stocked set of Funko POP Black Panther with about twenty figurines featuring the different characters from Wakanda. While a new opus (Black Panther Wakanda Forever) will be released in November, Funko celebrates the movie by unveiling new POPs under a line called Black Panther Legacy!

In total, Funko has revealed 5 new Black Panther POPs:

  • The POP of T'Challa on his throne, dressed in a traditional costume more sober than that of Black Panther. We can recognize on the figure the moving face of the actor Chadwick Boseman and this POP should quickly become a staple for those who collect Black Panther figures...
  • Two POPs of Shuri, T'Challa's fearless and talented sister: a GITD where she holds snake-like fists with vibranium technology on which the "glow in the dark" effect is particularly successful. On the second POP, she is presented in a more "civilian" outfit but Funko makes another nod to her attraction to Wakanda's advanced technology as she holds an octagon in her hand that appears to be very high tech.
  • The Queen Ramonda POP figure in a beautiful white dress and full traditional outfit. She is standing with her arms crossed and her eyes look saddened, suggesting that the POP is from a scene shortly after Ramonda learned of her husband's death.
  • Finally, the last POP is of Nakia, T'Challa's childhood sweetheart but also a formidable fighter. On this POP, she is shown holding two discs that are certainly over-vitaminized with vibranium!

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