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Published on 02 July 2021 by William

A new POP from Spock (Star Trek)

After having recently unveiled a flood of POPs featuring the Star Trek series, Funko has just revealed a new POP (Funko Shop exclusive) of the iconic Spock. On this POP figure, Mr. Spock is holding the fallen cat, a nice nod to the series and the character whose influence has gone far beyond the circle of science fiction fans!

Spock is Vulcan-human, born of a Vulcan father (Sarek, Vulcan ambassador to the Federation) and a human mother (Amanda Grayson). Unlike Vulcans, Spock is endowed with emotions due to his human heritage, pushing him to control them as best he can and giving rise to many funny situations...

Spock made his career by joining Starfleet, until he became first officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of Captain Kirk. He retires and becomes, as his father was, an ambassador with the mission to keep the peace.

Funko gives us a nice surprise with this POP from the original series, which will perfectly complement the previous announcements. Spock is perfectly represented in his officer's outfit, with his atypical haircut and his pointed ears. Finally, the way the cat is cuddling in his arms says a lot about his half-human side and the feelings that Spock can develop!

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