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Published on 01 February 2024 by William

Lou Gehrig joins the legends of sports in Funko POP

Baseball player Lou Gehrig joins the exclusive club of Funko POP sports legends. Dubbed "Sports Legends", this POP series is particularly restricted, and only a select few can boast of belonging to it. This is now the case for the man nicknamed "The Iron Horse"!

It's a fitting tribute to this great sportsman, but also to baseball in general. Fans will be able to add one of the sport's most legendary players to their shelves.

Baseball legend

Lou Gehrig, nicknamed "The Iron Horse", remains an undisputed baseball legend. Born in New York on June 19, 1903, Gehrig began his professional career with the New York Yankees in 1923. His longevity and batting power quickly made him one of the most outstanding players in baseball history.

Gehrig was best known for his unbroken streak of 2,130 consecutive games played, a record that stood for decades. This impressive streak reflects not only his physical stamina, but also his unwavering commitment to the game. His toughness earned Gehrig the nickname "The Iron Horse".

Athletically, Gehrig was a formidable hitter, displaying impressive power and exceptional consistency. He racked up 493 home runs in his career, and in 1934 became the first player in history to hit four home runs in a single championship game. His career batting average of .340 attests to his consistency at the highest level of baseball.

Beyond his individual prowess, Gehrig played a key role in the success of his team, the Yankees. He won six World Series with the Yankees and was selected to the All-Star Game 7 times. In 1927, he made a significant contribution to the Yankees' conquest of the World Series title, a season that saw them dubbed "the greatest team of all time".

Sadly, Lou Gehrig's exceptional career was tragically cut short by Charcot's disease in 1939. Despite his premature departure from baseball, Gehrig remains an iconic figure and his legacy lives on in the history of the sport.

A Funko POP alongside other baseball players

Lou Gehrig's Funko POP is a natural addition to the "Sports Legends" series. In fact, it's the perfect opportunity to collect it alongside other great players in the same discipline, such as Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth.

If you'd like to reunite these three pillars of baseball, this is the perfect opportunity. As Ruth and Robinson are available in POP Black and White, perhaps Gehrig will be too...

By the way, isn't Funko in the process of rebuilding the team of the century? This mythical team of 30 players, elected by fan votes, is more than representative of the greatest Baseball legends, and must be one of Funko's inspirations for the selection of the next Funko POP Sports Legends!

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