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Published on 04 March 2023 by Juliette

Disney Bitty POPs of Mickey and his friends are here

Disney Bitty POPs of Mickey and his friends are here

Second series of Bitty POP! after Harry Potter, Funko has unveiled the Bitty POP! Disney figures of Mickey and his friends. In total, 16 small figurines featuring the emblematic characters of the universe imagined by Walt Disney.

It was expected that Funko would tackle the "heavyweights" of the licenses for the Bitty POP! and it's only half a surprise to see the Disney POPs arrive.

For this announcement, Funko revealed the 4 "series" that make up the collection, as well as the 4 mystery figures and the probability to get them.

Series 1 is composed of :

  • Mickey Mouse (#1187)
  • Pluto (#1189)
  • Minnie Mouse (#23)

The 3 Bitty POP of Series 2 :

  • Minnie Mouse (#1183)
  • Daisy Duck (#1192)
  • Donald Duck (#1191)

Series 3 contains :

  • Mickey Sorcerer (#799)
  • Princess Minnie 1938 (#1110)
  • Dale (#1194)

Series 4 contains :

  • Chip (#1193)
  • Minnie Mouse (#1112)
  • Goofy (#1190)

Finally, the 4 "mystery" Bitty POPs are :

  • Mickey Mouse Conductor (#428)
  • Mickey Mouse Band Concert (#430)
  • Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor (#429)
  • Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie (#425)

In total, there are 16 mini figurines to collect to gather all the Bitty POP! of Mickey and his friends.

You don't know the Bitty POP! Announced by Funko a few weeks ago, these are brand new figurines that measure about 2.5cm high. Sold by 4 with a storage space to display the 4 mini-figures, they have the particularity to propose a mystery POP on the 4. Each collection includes 4 rows of 4 Bitty POP figures if you want them all!

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