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Published on 10 December 2020 by William

3 POP from 40 year old virgin movie

Do you know the comedy 40 years still virgin? The film, released in 2005, recounts the adventures of Andy Stitzer, a man who is about to celebrate his 40th birthday and whose life is in order: a job as inventory manager in an electronics store, owner of an apartment and who indulges his few "geek" passions like figurines. His only problem? He's still a virgin...

This detail is of little importance to Andy who is living the situation rather well, but when his circle of friends discover that Andy has never had sex, they get it in their heads to make him take the plunge!

Funko proposes 3 figurines from the movie, featuring the main character. We find Andy's POP proudly wearing one of his collectible figurines but also a POP from one of the most comical scene where Andy gets his chest waxed. Finally, the third POP is a Chase where the little figurine in Andy's hands has a different outfit.

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