22 September 2019

UFC Champions make their debut in action figure

Announcement Coming Soon

New UFC Champions POP Figures

Two new figures from the Sport universe are about to arrive! They are the figures of two UFC MMA champions: Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. The details of the figurines will delight MMA fans as they feature the two stars proudly wearing their championship belts. Arrival scheduled for the end of 2019!...

#ufc #jonjones #danielcormier #popsport #newpops #comingsoon

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21 September 2019

Borderlands 3: already two new POPs!

Announcement Coming Soon

New Borderlands 3 figures

Funko has unveiled 2 new miniatures of the famous video game Borderlands, and more specifically of the 3rd opus of the saga which has just been released. In addition to the other Borderlands POPs, fans will also be able to collect new versions of Lilith and Claptrap. These two POPs are added to the twenty or so figures already dedicated to Borderlands!...

#borderlands #borderlands3 #lilith #claptrap #popgames #newpops #comingsoon

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20 September 2019

A wicked new Disney POP: Maleficient

Announcement Coming Soon

POP figure of Disney's Maleficient

Funko has just unveiled a new Disney figurine and it promises to be exceptional! It's the one of Maleficient, the villain of Sleeping Beauty. The Maleficient POP action figure is just like the witch: ruthless, sinister and diabolical while remaining very elegant. This makes the POP gorgeous with a sumptuous figurine where Maleficient has her raven wings unfolded in her back, her magic scepter in her hand, her terrifying hairstyle and a perfect make-up sublimating her face. Disney fans, villain f...

#malefique #maleficient #disney #newpops #comingsoon

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19 September 2019

The first PUBG figures

Announcement Coming Soon

New PUBG figures

Notice to Battle Royale fans, and more particularly to PUBG fans with this announcement of Funko revealing the first two figures in the effigy of the video game! The figurines are a tribute to "The Lone Survivor" and a figurine for the Sanhok map. Both figurines are presented in their specific outfits (with a few drops of blood as a bonus for The Lone Survivor!) as well as their hand-drawn pistols....

#pubg #lonesurvivor #sanhoksurvivor #popgames #newpops #comingsoon

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18 September 2019

A new POP Sport figurine featuring Tiger Woods

Announcement Coming Soon

POP figure of Tiger Woods

Funko has just unveiled a figurine bearing the effigy of the greatest golfer: Tiger Woods! The champion is represented in his official outfit with his red Nike sweatshirt and his cap with the initials TW! Fans will appreciate the detail of the club in his hand and the clenched fist of a Tiger Woods celebrating his victory!...

#tigerwoods #golf #popsport #newpops #comingsoon

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17 September 2019

One more pokemon at Funko's?

Announcement Coming Soon

New POP of Pikachu

Funko has just announced the future arrival of a new Pokemon POP! Pokemon hunters who want to catch them all should be prepared, as it will be... Pikachu. And yes, it’s not a new Pokemon, but Pikachu in a new pose. This one will be a little more danceable, especially with its ears pointing in different directions. Fans of this famous Pokemon will appreciate this new Pickahu POP, while disappointed hunters can always fall back on the other specimens: the original Pikachu POP, the Carapuce POP, ...

#pokemon #pikachu #newpops #comingsoon

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15 September 2019

The scariest POPs? Harold and the Jangly Man from Scary Stories...

Announcement Coming Soon

New Scary Stories figures

You like horror movies? Did you shiver at Scary Stories? Good news (or not for your nights...), Funko has revealed the first two figures related to the movie released just a month ago. You can now proudly take the throne of the figurines on their way to becoming the most terrifying POPs ever produced : Harold the Scarecrow and the Jangly Man......

#scarystories #horror #harold #janglyman #newpops #comingsoon

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14 September 2019

5 new POP TV news from The Walking Dead

Announcement Coming Soon

New The Walking Dead action figures

With nearly 80 figurines featuring characters from The Walking Dead series, this POP collection was already well stocked. Fans can rest assured, it's not over yet since Funko has just unveiled 5 new figurines! In the coming months, you'll be able to find Daryl Dixon, Masked Alpha, Judith, Michonne and also the dog....

#thewalkingdead #TWD #newpops #comingsoon

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13 September 2019

New Marvel Avengers Endgame Figures

Announcement Coming Soon

New POP Avengers Endgame figures

New arrival of POP dedicated to Avengers! Funko has just unveiled new figures straight out of the latest Endgame opus. These are 7 figurines that will be able to join your collection: Captain America holding his broken shield, Iron Spider with the nano glove in his hand, Hulk and his "mini" taco, Korg and his video game controller, Thanos wearing his glove, Thor ready to devour a slice of pizza or Captain Marvelarboring his new haircut....

#avengers #marvel #endgame #newpops #comingsoon

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12 September 2019

New POP for Casa de Papel

Announcement Coming Soon

New POP La Casa de Papel figures

Funko has just unveiled 6 new figures from the successful Netflix La Casa de Papel series. This new wave of figurines completes the collection with the POP! of the two brothers Helsinki and Oslo, from Nairobi, as well as Rio and his father Moscow. The Professor is not to be outdone, as a new figurine has been added to the one already unveiled a few months ago. This time, the preofessor is represented in his clown disguise, enough to remind fans of the series of good passages! You'll have to wait...

#casadepapel #netflix #newpops #comingsoon

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11 September 2019

Spyro Reignited Trilogy : 3 new POPs!

Announcement Coming Soon

New POP Spyro figures

On the occasion of the release of the video game Spyro Reignited Trikogy, Funko unveiled 3 new figurines dedicated to the Spyro universe. They will join the only figurine currently dedicated to Spyro. This new series features Spyro, but also two essential villains: Ripto and Gnasty Gnasty....

#spyro #game #newpops #comingsoon

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