Discover the action figures of Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver is not just a movie. Many, rightly or wrongly, praise certain authors and, in particular, directors, for genius that may or may not exist. When Martin Scorcese directed his first feature film with Taxi Driver, he was already a legend, simply by giving cinema a new way of understanding its protagonists.

It would be a mistake to say that Taxi Driver represents a particular social reality, although the character of Travis is confoundingly realistic. Taxi Driver is a film that highlights the outcasts and the marginalized of a society that everyone pretends not to see. And yet, we can no longer lose sight of them after such a film has been brought to our attention.

Martin Scorcese, from this film, has achieved three feats. The first one was to establish his style and to show the audience a film where the main character was not a usual hero, this one being morally reprehensible in many ways. The second tour de force is to have laid the foundation stone of his career as a director because, with this success, Scorcese will become one of the greatest directors of the 20th and even 21st century, multiplying thereafter the cinematographic masterpieces.

Finally, his third tour de force consists in having revealed to the public Robert de Niro. From this film, he became a legend among actors. Especially since his collaborations with Scorcese will multiply to 9 times, the two men have even renewed in 2019 for the realization of The Irish Man, marking a collaboration of nearly half a century.

Taxi Driver tells the story of Travis Bickle, or rather, relates his chronicles without pointing him in any particular direction. He is a particularly lonely man, as there are so many in the big cities. By focusing on him, Scorcese exposes a reality, a common and invisible psychosis that exists in many individuals who nobody pays attention to because they are marginal.

Travis is one of these outsiders, but he has not chosen marginality. If he is a night Taxi Driver in the most dangerous parts of the city, it is primarily because he is an insomniac and seeks to occupy his mind. A mind that will only be more tormented by what he sees.

He even tries to establish a relationship with a young woman inserted in society, but, because his social codes will be remarkably vitiated in the eyes of the young lady - and rightly so - he will understand that he will never be able to belong to the world of well socialized people.

This is why, afterwards, Travis will embrace his marginality until he becomes a victim of his neuroses, to which he will give free rein. He will become a hero in spite of himself, working in a dark and gloomy world on which no one looks, saving an underage prostitute for whom he has taken a brotherly affection, even resorting to homicide in an unstylized way, thus breaking with what was practiced in the cinema of the time.

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