Discover the action figures of Scream

Scream is the horror movie series of the 2000s. Made famous by the masked killer "Ghostface", the Scream films are at the crossroads of horror movies and comedy, making them particularly enjoyable to watch.

There are a total of 4 Scream films (a fifth is in preparation for 2022) and all feature Sidney Prescott, a 17-year-old girl in the first Scream, who is pursued by a killer represented by the Grim Reaper. An unconditional target of the killer, Sidney, whom his friends call Sid, sees his loved ones taken away by Ghostface one after the other.

The "comedy" side of these horror films brings a special touch to Scream's various opuses. There are many elements common to each of the films, creating continuity in the script but also stylistic effects such as the famous "rules" that we discover little by little in each film. For example, Scream 1 reveals the 3 rules that must be respected if one wants to survive a horror movie: don't have sex, don't drink alcohol or use drugs, and finally don't ever (ever!) say you'll be back "right away".

Funko makes a nice nod to the horror movie series that is Scream by proposing a POP of Ghostface, the killer disguised as a Grim Reaper. Scream is one of the great classics of horror, and it was quite normal to see it realized with figurines.

Fans will regret that there is only the Ghostface POP figure for Scream for the moment, but maybe the new opus planned for 2022 will incite Funko to offer new ones. One thinks in particular of the recurring characters like Sidney but also his friends Dewey and Gale.

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