Discover the action figures of MacGyver

MacGyver is the hero of the eponymous TV series, a success of the 90s. It features a former secret agent who joins the secret Phoenix Foundation and often finds himself in dangerous situations.

Unlike all action movie heroes, MacGyver is known to advocate non-violence and never uses weapons, except when it comes to knocking out a criminal with the butt of his own gun!

Angus MacGyver is especially known for being very clever, able to get out of the worst situations thanks to his ingenuity. It is one of the red threads of the series and always a cult moment of the episodes when Mac Gyver gets out of a complex situation with the help (only) of some odds and ends and his Swiss Army knife. He is able to stop a leak with chewing gum, to make explosives by mixing some liquids or to unlock any lock.

A true hero of everyday life, he is the equivalent of Michael Knight in K2000 and is the sole focus of the MacGyver series. So it's a pleasure to find him in a POP figure. Nevertheless, Funko has for the moment unveiled only one POP figure of MacGyver, so we'll have to be satisfied with it...

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