Discover the action figures of Kong Skull Island

Kong Skull Island is the 2017 movie featuring King Kong. The story takes place in 1973 when a scientific expedition is sent to Skull Island in the South Pacific. For its protection, the expedition is supervised by soldiers whose real mission will be learned later...

Upon their arrival, the helicopter is attacked by a gigantic gorilla who is none other than King Kong, also called King Kong or King of Skull Island by the native tribes living on this forgotten island.

The expedition will then discover that Kong is not the only dangerous creature on the island, and that other monsters prove to be just as terrifying. The natives, as well as an American soldier whose plane crashed on this island during the Second World War, will in fact reveal that Kong is the island's protector against other creatures and that he attacked the helicopter with the sole purpose of muffling its noise so as not to wake the "Skullcrawlers", reptiles living underground.

The Skullcrawlers killed all the other gorillas and Kong is the only survivor of his species, and the only one able to defeat these monsters. Unfortunately, Kong's mission is complicated by the soldiers who are determined to put the giant gorilla out of harm's way.

Funko currently offers only one POP figure from the movie Kong Skull Island, but this one will delight fans of the movie and King Kong since it is a Supersized one where the gorilla is found as he grabs the military helicopter like a toy!

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