Discover the action figures of K2000

K2000 (from its original name Knight Rider) is a television series that was a big hit in the 80s. It stages the adventures of Michael Knight - played by David Hasselhoff - at the wheel of his autonomous car KITT.

The series starts with Michael's accident, when he is a police officer who is shot. A rather mysterious organization dependent on the government recovers Michael's body given dead and takes care of him. Michael, under a new identity, becomes a vigilante in charge of this organization, who pursues the crime wherever he is sent.

In his mission, Michael is supported by KITT, his car controlled by an AI and equipped with many gadgets that allow him: it has armor, it is equipped with weapons, it has technologies that allow him to jump over obstacles, to transform his wheels to adapt them to snowy surfaces or to go unnoticed with its camouflage mode.

What makes KITT endearing is its ability to interact like a human. The car constantly communicates with Michael, responds to his requests, alerts him, etc. as if he were really a human. The little red light crisscrossing its hood from left to right gives the feeling that KITT is alive and well!

Note: at the beginning of 2019, rumours are circulating about the re-adaptation of the TV series soon, rumours notably fuelled by David Hasselhoff "himself" who confirmed during an interview that the Knight Rider would soon be back!

Until then, Funko currently offers only one figurine in the effigy of this TV series. Nevertheless, this one will delight the K 2000 fans since it perfectly stages Michael Knight and KITT!

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