Discover the action figures of Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a famous shonen manga written and drawn by Hiro Mashima. It has a total of sixty-three volumes published from 2006 to 2017 and has sold more than 72 million copies worldwide. The success is such that the manga has been adapted into a Japanese anime series of 328 episodes by the studios A-1 Pictures, Satelight and Bridge and broadcast from 2009 to 2019.

In the world of Fairy Tail, more precisely in the kingdom of Fiore, there are among the living beings, men and women capable of using magic, these are called mages. In order to control the actions of mages, guilds have been created. These guilds allow mages to gather together as a family and make them do missions/work with their power so that they can earn a living with the help of the earned jewels. The missions are given by humans without power to each guild, through classified ads, classified by difficulty level, S being the most difficult. Each guild has a guild master, who is the first representative of the guild and ensures the protection and good understanding between the mages. Among all the guilds of the kingdom of Fiore, one of them is particularly talked about, both because of the presence of powerful mages recognized throughout the kingdom, but also because of the damage caused by it during missions: The Fairy Tail Guild.

The story of Fairy Tail focuses mainly on the adventure of a young mage named Lucy Heartfilia, a specialist in the magic of Star Keys who has realized her dream by joining the famous Fairy Tail Guild.

She will meet other members of the guild such as Natsu Dragnir, a Fire Dragon hunter, Happy a blue cat who can talk and fly, Erza Scarlett a Knight mage and finally Grey Fullbuster an Ice mage. Lucy will team up with these 4 other guild members and befriend them through easy and difficult missions in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Funko, in this collection, has chosen to reproduce the POP of all the main members of Fairy Tail. From Natsu, Grey, Erza, Lucy and also Happy, the very cute mascot of this manga, who will have the chance to have 3 figurines in his image, which of course, will delight all fans of the Fairy Tail series.

Franchise of Funko POP Fairy Tail

POP collection Fairy Tail has 16 figures 🎉. The first figurine of the collection came out in October 2015, it was the one of Happy while the last figurine put on sale by Funko for this series is Etherious Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D.) (which came out in June 2020). This franchise, under the licence of Kodansha doesn't include (yet) any chase figure. Please note that this franchise does not have multipack (several action figures sold together).

On the price side, the most expensive Fairy Tail POP 💰 (according to our estimation) is Gray Fullbuster, estimated at 55.00$. On the other side, the cheapest POP action figure of Fairy Tail 🤑, estimated at 6.00$ is Natsu Dragneel.

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