POP action figure of Tsunade #730

Tsunade is one of the three legendary ninjas of Konoha (also called: the three legendary Sannin), students of the 3rd Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

She is part of the illustrious Senju clan, indeed, she is the granddaughter of the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, the founder of Konoha's hidden village.

She is considered to be the greatest medical ninja and the most powerful ninja in the universe of Naruto, due to her brute force and her excellent mastery of ninjustu.

She is a woman with a very big character with a gambling addiction. Nevertheless, she is still an excellent Hokage who knows how to watch over each ninja, each villager of Konoha to the point of putting her life on the line to protect them.

In addition, it should also be noted that she is the first Hokage woman in history and the first Kage woman we see in the series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

On this Pop! figurine, Funko represents the most powerful Tsunade of the Kunoichi in Naruto's universe.

Tsunade is a very beautiful woman for her age, she has long blond hair attached by 2 ponytails. She wears navy blue pants, a green jacket with the kanji "Kake" meaning "Bet" on her back, under this jacket, she has a white kimono attached by a blue belt showing a cleavage on her chest and finally she wears sandals with heels.

In addition, she has a diamond-shaped mark on her forehead which is in fact a chakra seal, which she uses during her last retrenchments, giving her an extraordinary capacity for regeneration.

Finally, we can highlight the posture that Tsunade takes in this figurine showing us the powerful ninja she is, with her 2 clenched fists.

Tsunade dans sa boรฎte

Funko POP Tsunade figure in its box

Tsunade unboxed

Funko POP Tsunade figure unboxed

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What price for Tsunade POP figure ?

The action figure of Tsunade, from the Naruto Shippuden franchise is a POP which came out in December 2019.
According to its features, its selling price is estimated at:


Warning: this POP is relatively old and can be difficult to find in stores or on the internet. You will have more chance to get it on platforms between private individuals but this rarity can make its price go up... ๐Ÿค”

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About this action figure โœ”

Action figure Tsunade
Item box 730
UPC Code 889698466295
Manufacturer Funko
Brand Funko POP!
Release date 20 December 2019
Size 10 cm / 3.75''
Franchise Naruto Shippuden
Character Tsunade
Licence VIZ Media, LLC
Category POP! Animation
Status ๐Ÿ‘ Available

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