POP action figure of Mia Wallace #63

Mia Wallace is played here by Uma Thurman, an actress that Quentin Tarantino then largely contributed to make known to the screen. Indeed, shortly after playing the role of Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction, she will play the lead role in Kill Bill 1 and 2, a role for which she will remain known throughout her career. But before occupying a leading role without sharing, on the occasion of Pulp Fiction, she will share the poster with Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and John Travolta. She will also occupy one of the few female roles in a film known for its violence and its incursions into a crime syndicate was fictional.

Also, in Pulp Fiction, Mia Wallace is not a criminal but the wife of one of the most notorious mob bosses in Los Angeles. As the wife of a particularly wealthy mobster, she lives a princess-like life behind the walls of her huge house.

Mia Wallace, neglected by her husband, Marcellus Wallace, who is busy with his criminal affairs, lives alone quite often. Factious, a bit capricious and especially quick to provoke, she is a difficult woman to manage. When Marcellus Wallace leaves on a trip, he decides not to leave his wife alone. He entrusts the task of watching over her and even entertaining her to his henchman: Vincent Vega. This one being more used to the missions of assassinations will find himself relatively distressed.

Once having made the meeting of his "bodyguard" for a few days, Mia Wallace will then drag him with him in a Diner whose theme of the decoration is based on the Sixties. After having chatted about everything and nothing, linking dialogues whose richness and simplicity are skillfully combined, Mia Wallace will ask Vincent to come and dance with her. On this occasion, Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta, will revive some of the choreography of the time when he was known for his dancing roles.

Mia Wallace, however, once back home, will overdose. Vincent, then, will move heaven and earth to find the means to save her in order not to attract to him the wrath of Marcellus Wallace. What he will manage at the end of an improbable scene. Mia Wallace, all things considered, is a woman too casual for the good of those around her.

The Funko POP figure of Mia Wallace represents her as she is dressed during her journey with Vincent Vega. Thus, on the POP, Mia Wallace is wearing a wig of straight black hair, a white blouse and matching black canvas pants.

Mia being notorious for her dance scene with Vincent, it goes without saying that Funko opted for a POP of Mia Wallace dancing! Indeed, the figurine of Mia Wallace presents her starting a twist like the one danced during the evening at the restaurant where the Milk Shake is sold for 5 dollars. It goes without saying that to accentuate her feminine aspect, Mia Wallace has elongated eyelashes at eye level on the POP.

Mia Wallace dans sa boรฎte

Funko POP Mia Wallace figure in its box

Mia Wallace unboxed

Funko POP Mia Wallace figure unboxed

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The action figure of Mia Wallace, from the Pulp Fiction franchise is a POP which came out in August 2013.
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Warning: this POP is relatively old and can be difficult to find in stores or on the internet. You will have more chance to get it on platforms between private individuals but this rarity can make its price go up... ๐Ÿค”

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About this action figure โœ”

Action figure Mia Wallace
Item box 63
UPC Code 830395033594
Manufacturer Funko
Brand Funko POP!
Release date 23 August 2013
Size 10 cm / 3.75''
Franchise Pulp Fiction
Character Mia Wallace
Licence Miramax LLC
Category POP! Movies
Status ๐Ÿ”’ Vaulted

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