POP action figure of Dilophosaurus #550

Dilophosaurus is one of the oldest carnivorous dinosaurs. It is one of the species re-created by Hammond in order to open Jurassic Park: a leisure park where the public will be able to wander among creatures that disappeared more than 65 million years ago.

A priori, the dilophosaurus is nothing special, and it is far from being as frightening as its companions the T-Rex or the Velociraptors. Nevertheless, it will play a very important role to the great misfortune of Dennis Nedry.

Dennis is one of the park's engineers, in charge of designing the safety systems. Unfortunately, Dennis is greedy and he will accept to steal dinosaur embryos for a good remuneration. In order to escape, he disables the security systems and creates chaos in the park. In his escape, Dennis Nedry is delayed by the bad weather and his jeep gets stuck in the mud. As he gets out of the car to get out of the way, he comes face to face with a small dilophosaurus. Trying to coax him out, he somehow manages to get back into his vehicle. But the dilophosaurus is also inside, it spreads its broad crest and spits its venom in Dennis' face, which probably killed him...

Character, or rather key dinosaur, of Jurassic Park's first opus, the Dilophosaurus is entitled to his Pop figure! We find him standing on his hind legs, with his wide multicolored crest spread out. Physically, it looks a lot like the velociraptor, except for its colors and crest.

On the Dilophosaurus POP, the dinosaur is about to spit out its venom. You can see its broad jaw with its sharp white teeth, while it will eat poor Dennis Nedry as a meal!

Dilophosaurus dans sa boรฎte

Funko POP Dilophosaurus figure in its box

Dilophosaurus unboxed

Funko POP Dilophosaurus figure unboxed

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What price for Dilophosaurus POP figure ?

The action figure of Dilophosaurus, from the Jurassic Park franchise is a POP which came out in November 2018.
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Warning: this POP is relatively old and can be difficult to find in stores or on the internet. You will have more chance to get it on platforms between private individuals but this rarity can make its price go up... ๐Ÿค”

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About this action figure โœ”

Action figure Dilophosaurus
Item box 550
UPC Code 889698267366
Manufacturer Funko
Brand Funko POP!
Release date 09 November 2018
Size 10 cm / 3.75''
Franchise Jurassic Park
Character Dilophosaurus
Licence Universal Studios Licensing
Category POP! Movies
Status ๐Ÿ‘ Available

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