POP action figure of Kakashi Raikiri (Glow in the Dark) #1103

Kakashi Hatake has been the designated mentor of the antagonistic duo Naruto and Sasuke. But this status of mentor, it will have been his only after a long journey where this exceptional Jônin will have managed to deserve the esteem of his peers to the point of entering the legend. Indeed, before Naruto's face was displayed on the cliffs of Konoha, Kakashi was sufficiently imposing because of his talents to become a Hokage. A status amply deserved when we know all the feats of arms of this character having even fought against Kagura during the events of the fourth Great Ninja War.

But long before that, he was an early shinobi. He became a Jônin at a very young age, far surpassing his compatriots Obito Uchiha and Rin, and naturally played an active role during the events of the 3rd Great Ninja War, fighting alongside his then master Minato. As a shinobi prodigy, Kakashi was an elitist until an accident took away his comrade Obito. Obito, before expiring - or so it was believed - left him the Sharingan of his left eye after Kakashi's eye was removed.

Afterwards, Kakashi, with the help of his talent and this new asset bequeathed by his friend, became one of the most feared ninjas of Konoha. Enough to join the ranks of the ANBU and train many of its members. However, he eventually turned to teaching as he taught the basics of Ninja to his three new students Naruto - Minato's son - Sasuke and Sakura.

Kakashi, thanks to the Sharingan, had then inherited the title of "copy ninja", this one being indeed able to replicate every technique that crossed his eyes. Powerful enough to defeat Zabuza Momochi and even legendary ninjas, Kakashi, ashamed of having let Sasuke desert the village, sought to correct his mistake by assisting Naruto in their fight against the Akatsuki.

The Funko POP figure of Kakashi with his Raikiri shows him trying the Chidori technique. This Raiton-dependent ninjutsu is notorious for the electric crackling sound that emanates from it, which is similar to the calls of a thousand birds. So, the figure of Kakashi using Raikiri shows him with his arm pointing to the ground, from where a bluish electric beam emanates.

It should be noted that the Funko POP of Kakashi with Raikiri glows in the dark. At least, for the most emblematic parts of the character. In this sense, the POP figure of Kakashi with Raikiri shines at the level of the lightning produced by the Chidori as well as at the level of the Sharingan which, because of its properties, has thus allowed to complete his signature jutsu to make him invincible. The Chidori, then, is the most emblematic technique of Kakashi, who later passed it on to Sasuke who used it just as much.

Kakashi Raikiri (Glow in the Dark) dans sa boîte

Funko POP Kakashi Raikiri (Glow in the Dark) figure in its box

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Funko POP Kakashi Raikiri (Glow in the Dark) figure unboxed

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The action figure of Kakashi Raikiri (Glow in the Dark), from the Naruto Shippuden franchise is a POP which will come out in March 2022.
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About this action figure ✔

Action figure Kakashi Raikiri (Glow in the Dark)
Item box 1103
UPC Code 889698610391
Manufacturer Funko
Brand Funko POP!
Release date 23 March 2022
Size 10 cm / 3.75''
Franchise Naruto Shippuden
Character Kakashi Hatake
Licence VIZ Media, LLC
Category POP! Animation
Status 🤞 Coming soon
Features Glow in the Dark

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