Discover tha action figures POP! Glitter

The Funko POP Glitter figures are a special version (exclusive or variation of an existing figure) that sparkles. They are covered with glitter which gives the figurine this special effect. Usually, it is a dress, a part of the skin, eyes,... which have fine glitter that brings out this part of the figurine.

The « glitter » variation of POP! figurines remains quite rare (less than a hundred figurines) and only a few figurines and collections have been offered glitter versions. You will find in particular Disney princesses and some heroes whose clothes lend themselves well to this particular coating. The most popular glitter figurines are the Tinkerbell fairy from the Peter Pan collection, Olaf the Snow Queen, Edward the Vampire from Twilight, Harley Quinn or Ariel the Little Mermaid in her ball gown.

On the price side, the special coating coupled with the almost exclusive glitter version of the figurines make the prices go up! These miniatures are generally twice as expensive as if they were offered in a classic version.

The Funko POP! Glitter action figures

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