Discover the figures Icons

Whether they are great men and women through their contribution to the world, mascots of well-known brands or personalities who left their mark on their generation, Funko pays tribute to them in a very special category of figurines: the POP Icons!

As varied as it may be in terms of figurines, they have a unique point in common: each figurine resonates within us. Whether it reminds us of an old school history lesson, a brand of drink or food we like, or even a book or a movie, these figurines all awaken a memory in us, so popular are they.

If this type of POP miniatures were rather rare (only reserved for very special occasions), it seems that Funko is looking more and more into the issue of these miniatures in light of the latest announcements, and this for our greatest pleasure.

Among the notable POP Personalities figurines and collections are directors, American presidents, brand icons (Coca-Cola's bear, Frosties' tiger, Energizer's rabbit, etc.), writers (Stephen King, Edgar Alan Poe, etc.), mythical monsters (Bigfoot, the Loch Ness, etc.) or the English royal family!

More recently, Funko has also unveiled figurines featuring some very great men like Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh or Albert Einstein, and it's a good bet that many men and women will continue this beautiful series.

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